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Brain Tumor - Diagnosis, Symptoms, Classifications, and Remedies

Introduction To Brain Tumor:

Any machine can function properly only when all its body parts are working in perfect condition. Any kind of failure or malfunctioning of even a single part can lead to complete machine interruption. Same is the case with the human body. A single body comprises of many different parts, each part has is its own importance for the physical and mental well being.

All your body functions properly if your brain is in desired health condition. Though there are several diseases and conditions where your brain is not in a situation to give the expected response. One of the severe issues that are found in the human brain is Brain Tumor.

Now, what actually is a Brain Tumor? How does it affect your health? Is it fatal? What are the symptoms? How to recognize if someone is suffering from Brain Tumor? And all your queries are discussed briefly in the blog. Go through the entire write-up to get acknowledged to the health condition referred to as Brain Tumor.

What Exactly Is Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumor is one of the fatal or life-threatening conditions that occur in your brain. The brain in your head is enclosed in a highly rigid structure known as the skull. This space is highly restricted, any entries or growth in the restricted area can generate serious damage to the brain.

Brain Tumor is not of a single or particular form but it can be of different types. It can either be cancerous generally referred to as Malignant or non-cancerous which is called Benign Brain Tumour. Both of these can affect your brain conditions inevitably. As these conditions either the benign or the malignant grows inside your body, it puts a concerted pressure on the skull which may lead to the brain damage.

Either or not the brain tumor can lead to cancer. It can be basically categorized into two different ways.

Classification Of Brain Tumor

Primary Brain Tumor:

Its origin is your brain itself. Originating from the brain it progresses towards other parts of the body. Most of the primary tumors are benign in nature though not all. Some can be cancerous or malignant too.

Secondary Brain Tumor:

The origination of this type of tumor is not the brain. This form of brain tumor generally begins from other parts of the body which might include lungs or breast. The cancer cells from the different parts of the body move towards the brain causing the brain tumor. The secondary tumor is also referred to as metastatic brain tumor

Well, what type of brain tumor you are suffering with is a matter of secondary concern? The first thing first, if you are suffering from a brain tumor how would you know it? So, it can be detected by means of certain signs and symptoms. What are the symptoms of Brain Tumour? Are they noticeable? Have a good read.

What Are The Severe Symptoms That Causes Brain Tumor?

Each and every disease or disorder in your body puts forward certain signs and symptoms. Few of us may notice the changes in the body at the early stages while others may ignore until the disease affects your body really deep. In a similar way, Brain Tumour also has few indications, check them out.


It is one of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor that reflects in 90% of the cases if not all. The headache may be severe either in the morning when you wake up or during sleep. If you are doing any kind of exertion or intense exercises the pain may get even worse. The headache also increases when you are suffering from cold or continuous sneezing.


You can go through vomits regularly, doesn’t matter if you are eating something or not. You will have the same feeling the entire day.

Dizziness And Weakness:

You will not be active like you are normally. The prolonged headache and vomiting will make your body weak and you just feel drowsy all day out.

Vision Defects:

Vision issues are very common during Brain Tumour. You can not get the right vision. Either you have a blurred vision or a double vision. You can have worse conditions if you do not get the treatment at the early stages. There can be other issues related to eyes like dropping of eyelids, unequal pupils, etc.

Improper Functioning of Brain:

You may go through memory loss, face problems in reading and writing, go through a lot of confusion, clumsiness, no proper mental responses and sometimes the complete change in overall mental functioning.

Muscle Weakness:

You can lose considerable muscle strength around your face, legs, and even arms. Which may lead to difficulty in movements and walking.


One side of your body can complete fall unresponsive or numb. You may lose the control of the movement of your body.

Speech Inaccuracy:

Your speech may not be as smooth as in normal condition. You may face difficulty in uttering the words properly. Not only speaking but there can be a lot of issues even in understanding.

These are just the most common and visible changes. However, there can be a lot more and differ from one person to another. Hand tremors, issues in swallowing of food, loss of control over bowel movement and a lot more. In short, there can be no area or part of the body that can be left unaffected by Brain Tumor.

For the proper treatment and improvement in conditions of the Brain, you have to diagnose the condition first.

Diagnosis Of Brain Tumor:

Brain Tumour cannot be diagnosed without physical examination. You have to visit the doctor and he will do your complete body checkup. Also, the medical professional would need access to your medical history. In short, you will have to go under a detailed neurological examination.

The first processor the initiation checks your cranial nerves, these nerves are the vital nerves that originate from the brain. It is important to know if these nerves are intact or not.

Diagnosis is not restricted to your brain but the neurologist or neurosurgeon go for in-depth analysis. In order to detect the brain tumor, the doctor usually goes for the examination of:

  • Coordination in different actions and reactions.
  • Your ability to make general calculations and aptitude.
  • Strength of your muscle.
  • Eye check up with the help of an ophthalmoscope to detect the conditions of your pupil and retina. This is done to check the response of your eyes to light.
  • Check for any kind of swelling in the optic nerve.

To diagnose the condition properly, the doctor opts for some tests. The tests to detect Brain Tumor are detailed as under:

1) MRI:

To know if a patient is suffering from the brain tumor or not, a special type of dye is used to carry out the MRI of your head. MRI is often confused with the CT scan but it is an entirely different case. CT scan does not make use of any kind of radiation for the test and provides the detailed images of the skull. It allows judging the condition of the brain very precisely.

2) CT Scan:

CT Scan can be referred to as the improved version of X-Ray. For diagnosis of Brain Tumour, CT Scan of the head is carried out. It is possible to analyze the blood vessels in depth with the help of a CT Scan. The doctors can even make use of dye in order to create the contrast. It gives a clearer version than the CT scan carried out without making use of dye.

3) X-Rays:

Skull is often damaged by brain tumors. It can cause even the fractures in the bone skull. To know about any kind of damage or fracture X-Ray of the skull is carried out. It is also possible to detect cancer as cancer leads to calcium deposits. The extent of calcium deposits contained in the tumor defines the severity of the condition.

4) Biopsy:

This test is a special concern in case you want to know about the origination of the Brain Tumor. Whether it is primary or secondary or there is cancer spread in the body. You also get to know if it is benign or malignant. In short the complete details of the tumor. It is very essential to get every minute detail in order to head for the right kind of treatment. A small piece of the tumor is used to carry out the examination. This test is carried out by the specialist known as a neuropathologist.

5) Angiography:

Angiography tests are often carried out to get all the necessary information required at the time of surgery. In this test, the dye is inserted in your arteries. As in most of the cases, it is injected through your groin. This dye then travels from your blood vessel to the brain and helps to collect the blood samples to carry out the study.

Once the diagnosis is been done, the process is to be followed by the treatment. The treatment of the brain tumor highly depends on the size, location and also the type of tumor. Apart from that it also takes into consideration your overall health, medical condition, and past medical history.

What Are The Best Treatment Available In India For Brain Tumor?

Well, there are different types of treatment options that are possible for the brain tumor and they are detailed as under:


The location of the tumor in your brain is highly important, to proceed with surgery. If it is located at the place that it can be easily treated, doctors go on with the surgical process. In the process, the surgeon tries to remove the maximum possible portion of the tumor from your brain. In certain processes, it is possible to clear the tumor from the brain as it is not connected to other parts of the brain. While, if we consider the other cases their tumor is attached to certain sensitive parts of the brain and it is not safe to remove the tumor completely. In such cases, only some portions of the Brain Tumor are removed. There are certain risks involved with the surgery and clinical surgery is not possible every time.

Radiation Therapy:

In this type of treatment, the brain tumor is not removed from the brain but in radiation therapy, the tumor cells are removed from the brain by killing them by passing the high-energy beams. The radiation can be in the form of X-rays or protons that are either introduced through external machines or it may be placed internally close to the brain tumor. It can be focussed to a particular area of the brain or to the entire brain depending if the patient has cancer or not. There are certain side-effects of radiation therapy which may be a headache, memory loss, scalp irritation but treatment has to be followed up in case the tumor goes on increasing.


Radiosurgery is not any kind of focussed surgery but it is a process that is used to get rid of tumor cells if they are accumulated in a small area of your brain. It makes use of multiple radiations and focuses them on a particular place. This highly focussed radiation is really helpful in killing the tumor cells pertaining to a smaller area of the brain. Radiosurgery for brain tumor does not consume much time. It is suitable for the treatment in the initial stages. The patient can go home on the same day of the surgery. Radiosurgery is not of a particular type but makes use of different types of technologies which include a linear accelerator and gamma knife.

Drug Therapy:

These types of targeted drug therapies make use of specific types of drugs to get rid of abnormalities found within the cancer cells. The target cancer cells are due with extensive use of such kind of drugs. Not all tumor cells can be treated with drug therapy. However, many of them can be easily treated with targeted drug therapy. There are many types of research going on different types of drugs to get the solution for maximum possibilities.


This is a kind of therapy that involves no surgical treatment. In this case, the brain tumor is treated with the help of drugs. This sort of procedure is possible with the help of either oral pills or can be injected in veins. The treatment highly depends on the type of tumor and is it cancerous or not.

Chemotherapy may have certain side-effects if the dosage is very high. The most common side-effects using this kind of treatment are hair loss, severe headache, and nausea. It is decided on the basis of test results whether or not the chemotherapy can be helpful in getting rid of the type of tumor you are suffering from.

This is not all, to recover completely from a brain tumor may take sufficient time. So, even after the treatment is complete the person suffering from it may have to undergo the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation Or Recovery Process After Brain Tumor Treatment:

Brain Tumor develops in different parts of the brain which affect your vision, movements, motor skills, thinking, memory and a lot more. Apart from the disease, the treatments of the brain tumor have considerable side effects. If the tumor is widely spread, the rehab time maybe even more.

So, to get you back to normality and let your senses react normally you have to undergo rehabilitation. Rehabilitation proceedings highly depend on the body needs and psychic conditions of the patient. Depending on the situation a patient may have to undergo,

Physical Therapy:

To help the patient get back to normal body movements, remove any kind of lost muscle strength and slowly and gradually get back to the daily routine.

Mind Exercises:

The mental state of the patient may completely be different in the entire process. Mind exercises can help to get back to the desired understanding level as per the age.

Speech Therapy:

In case of loss of speech or any kind of difficulties related to speaking, speech therapy is really helpful that let you gain back the normal spoken language.

Basic Schooling:

In the case where the brain tumor has distorted the physical as well as mental well being of a person, he or she is provided with ground level schooling where everything is taught from scratch.

Occupational Therapy:

Brain Tumor can be chronic for personal as well as professional life. In occupational therapy, a person is well acknowledged to his basic lifestyle before the treatment.

Final Words:

Brain Tumor can be traumatic for the sufferer as well as the family. But you can win the fight if you lead up the patience and strength. If the treatment cost is what stops you from moving ahead for the treatment process, please don’t. Now every disease is curable and in your budget with medical tourism. Look forward to the best medical tourism countries. However, there can be the best cure for every disease in India giving satisfactory results to the patients and above all are within everyone’s reach as far as the cost of treatment is taken into consideration.

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