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What is Cervical Spine Surgery? Is Cervical Spine Surgery Dangerous?


The spine of your body is one of the basic building blocks. It comprises of 33 bones that are placed one over another. The complete structure is known as the spinal column. It is just because of the spinal column that you can stand, bend, turn and twist your body. Spinal Column also takes responsibility for the protection of the spine. It protects your spine from any kind of injury, stress and sprain. If your spine suffers from any kind of damage or fracture, it calls for surgery known as Cervical Spine Surgery.


A neurosurgeon or an Orthopaedic surgeon is responsible to carry out the Cervical Spine Surgery. There is a need for spine surgery in order to treat the pain, numbness, stiffness and to restore the movement of your neck.


The process of removal of a disc or a bone and fusing the vertebrae together with the help of the graft is known as Cervical Spine SurgeryGrafting can be done either in front or at the back. It is also known as spinal fusion surgery.

Grafting is basically done in two different types:


It involves the use of your own bone for the grafting purpose.


In this process, you need to take the bone from the bone bank. As the grafting is possible with the help of donor’s bone.

At times the surgical process is stable after the grafting but in some other cases, you need to take up with the instrumentation. Instrumentation is the process of fixing the graft or stabilizing the spine using the metal plates and the screws. 

The condition in which the problem does not resolve with the fusion surgery, the surgeon suggests going with the Cervical Disc Replacement.

When And Why To Take Up With Cervical Spine Surgery?

There are several conditions that call for the Cervical Spine Surgery, they are:

  • Issues that relate to the spine and neck.
  • Degenerative disorders.
  • Trauma and Instability.
  • Fracture and Injury.
  • Sprain and Damage to the spinal nerves.

Any situation that is responsible for a certain kind of restriction in the movement because of the pain in the spinal cord, requires surgery. As all the conditions lead to pressure and breakdown of the spine.

Cervical Spine Surgery Is Helpful In What All Conditions?

It Is Helpful In The Treatment Of All The Conditions Listed Below:

Cervical Deformity:

The surgery is helpful in straightening and stabilizing the spine that is a result of one or the other deformity. Reason or the cause of deformity are

  • Hyperlordosis and swan neck.
  • Upper neck disorders, also known as craniocervical or craniovertebral.
  • Junction Abnormalities.
  • Severe Injuries in the neck.
  • Fracture in the cervical vertebral.
  • Dislocation of the cervical vertebral.
  • Any damage to the spinal cord.

Degenerative Disc Disease:

It is also possible to treat certain issues that associate with the disc by using Cervical Spine Surgery. They are:

  • Shrinking of cushions or pads between your vertebrae.
  • Different conditions that lead to wear and tear of your disc.
  • Herniation.
  • Arthritis affecting your spine.

Cervical Spine Surgery is useful in all the conditions that lead to numbness and weakness of your spine, spinal nerves and spinal cord.

It is possible to treat the problems with your spine with the Cervical Spine Surgerybut the most important question is, Is it safe? Does Cervical Spine Surgery involve any kind of risk or complications? Is it dangerous to take up with spine surgery? Continue to read the blog to have more details.

Is It Dangerous To Take Up With Cervical Spine Surgery?

There is not a single surgery that does not involve any kind of risk. Some of the surgery involves minor complications while a few other surgeries have a greater risk. We can refer any surgery to be dangerous in the condition when it drags you towards death. To know if it is safe to take up with spinal surgery, the doctor’s conducted research. As per the result of the survey, there are not many cases of the Cervical Spine Surgery that leads to death.

Even if there was a death during the surgery, it depends on the cause of the surgery and condition of the patient. To know more about the safety of Cervical Spine Surgery, let us have a deeper look towards the result of the survey.

  • Out of all the surgical processes taken up between the year 2005 and 2011, the mortality rate was 0%. These were the results of elective spine surgery.
  • Now, there is a difference between the complexity and death rates of Emergency and Elective Cervical Spine Surgery.
  • The death rate for emergency spine surgery is 1 in 50 while that of elective spine surgery is 1 in 1000, almost virtual.

We can conclude that the overall rate of success of a Cervical Spine Surgery is very high. In most of the cases, doctors or surgeons take up with elective spine surgery.

But it gets impossible to treat the conditions like spine tumour and trauma with the elective process and it requires the emergency Cervical Spine Surgery. However, in spite of high success rates, there are certain risks that associates with spine surgery.

Complications Of A Cervical Spine Surgery:

Minor risks are always there in surgery it may be nausea, weakness, vomiting etc. All these complications are temporary and it is possible for you to overcome that within the recovery time. Cervical Spine Surgery apart from these basic risks have some severe complications too. The complex risks or the side-effects of spine surgery are shared in brief as follows:

  • Phlebitis in your leg.
  • Formation of blood clots in your lung.
  • Injuries to your nerves and spinal cord during the surgery.
  • Breakdown or failure of the instrumentation.
  • Acute pain at the grafting site.
  • Problems in the healing of bony fusion.
  • Infection that spreads out to different parts of your body giving birth to several other serious issues.
  • Issues with the vocal cord and carotid artery.
  • Oesophagus.
  • The most critical situation is the failure of Cervical Spine Surgery and calls for revision surgery. However, this is the rarest possible case. Almost 95% of spine surgeries are successful.

So, if you are suggested to undertake with Cervical Spine Surgeries make sure you seek help from a renowned and experienced neurosurgeon.

Final Words:

Cervical Spine Surgeries have high success rates and positive results in recent times. India is a home for some of the top-notch neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons who take up with spine surgery. In case you want to undertake the spine surgery you can opt for medical tourism in India.

Most of the surgeons possess a 100 % success rate in carrying out the Cervical Spine Surgery. So, it is possible for you to get cure of issue with desirable results at a very affordable cost. The cost of treatment in India is very low and the quality of healthcare services is very high.

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