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  • Oct 19, 2020

Is It Possible To Get a Cure For Brain Tumour?


Yes, it is possible to get a cure for Brain Tumour, but not in all the cases. There might be conditions when doctors cannot cure the brain tumour completely, but partially. There can be various reasons for the same. The treatment of a brain tumour highly depends on the following reasons.

·      The nature of the brain tumour

·      Location of the tumour

·      The growth rate of the tumour

·      Age of the tumour

·      Signs and symptoms of the tumour.

In the cases where the complete cure of brain tumour is not possible, one can still receive considerable healing. The brain tumour shrinks and does not spread to other parts of your body. It is possible to get control over the condition through the Brain Tumour Treatment.

Different Types of Brain Tumour Treatment:

Some of the possible and the most practised options for the Brain Tumour Treatment includes:

·     Brain Tumour Surgery (Craniotomy)

·      Brain Tumour Chemotherapy

·      Brain Tumour Radiation therapy

1.    Brain Tumour Surgery (Craniotomy):

It is the open surgery for the brain that aims at removing the entire tumour. However, if there is harm to other parts of the brain through the operation, then the doctor removes the tumour partially. The rest of the processing is done through the radiation or the chemotherapy as per the requirement of the particular situation. The Brain Tumour Treatment is proceeded on a patient after the thorough discussion between the neurologist and the neurosurgeon.

2.    Brain Tumour Chemotherapy:

Brain Tumour Chemotherapy is one of the most effective Brain Tumour Treatment. In this process, the doctors make use of the drugs to provide the healing of the brain tumour. Depending on the situation of the patient, the doctors might use the single or the combination of drugs. Also, the process of delivering drugs in the body of the patient varies. It can be directed orally or injected or directly put at the site or cavity of the tumour. The process of direct placement of the medicine is called convection-enhanced delivery method. Immediate placement of the medication provides better healing and produce no complications.

3.    Brain Tumour Radiation Therapy:

In this method of Brain Tumour Treatment, the doctor passes the strong radiation at the site of the tumour. It kills the tumour cells and stops the spreading of the cancerous cells to other parts of the brain. It can be done through laser therapy, or one might have to go under the surgical radiation therapy. The surgical process of radiation therapy is called Gamma Knife process.

 It is the high dose intense therapy of a single beam. The fierce radiation is focused on the tumour from different angles. Now, as the radiation cannot spread to multiple directions, so there is no harm to the nearby cells of the brain.

Final Words:

When you have a brain tumour, do not delay in undergoing the Brain Tumour Treatment procedure. The cure of the brain tumour is possible. However, there are the possibilities of better healing if you plan your treatment at the earliest and does not allow it to spread to other parts of the body.

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