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An Integral Paradigm to Lumbar Spine Surgery


The lower part of the spine or the lower back is known as Lumbar. Any kind of a pain in the lower back leads to a feeling of inconvenience. One cannot perform the day to day tasks with such pain in the body. It is possible to cure an initial level of pain with the help of exercises and physiotherapy. But in case the pain attains an acute level, the healing is possible only with the help of surgery. The orthopaedics take up with surgery of the spine for any concern in lumber that is referred to as Lumbar Spine Surgery.


Lumbar Spine Surgery helps you to get relief from the back pain in several conditions. The spine surgery not only helps to get relief from pain but is also helpful in restoring the functions of your spine. You will not have to bear any kind of pain and pressure on your spine or spinal cord. Once you start feeling pain in your lower back, you need to look forward to diagnosis. The doctor or orthopaedic surgeon generally begin with non-surgical processes. In case you do not find any ease, you have to undergo the surgical process.

What Is Lumbar Spine Surgery?

The surgical process carried out on the lower spine between L1 and S1 level is known as Lumbar Spine Surgery.

Taking up with lumbar spine surgery you can surely get back to your comfort zone. Orthopaedics take up with different types of spinal surgeries depending on the personalized conditions. Now, what are the different types of Lumbar Spine Surgery?

Types Of Lumbar Spine Surgery:

There are four types of Lower Back Surgery. The blog details all types of Lumbar Spine Surgery in brief as follows:


It is possible to come over from your back pain with the help of Foraminotomy in case of the nerve damage. The damage in the nerve usually reduces the passage width that causes pain. With the help of Foraminotomy, the surgeons increase the nerve gap or passageway. You get relief as the surgery eradicates the cause of the issue.


If the root cause of pain is a bulge or disc herniation, surgeons make use of this procedure. With the help of discectomy, it is possible to get back your lower spine to the normal position.


In case you face any problem with the stability of your lower back, doctors take up with fusion Lumbar Spine Surgery. Here, the surgeon proceeds by fixing two or more vertebrae together in the spinal cord. The fusion process enhances the stability of your spinal cord or the entire back of your body.

Laminectomy Or Laminotomy:

Surgeons make use of Laminotomy in a situation where the reason for pain is the presence of lamina. Doctor’s remove lamina from the vertebrae using Laminectomy. Usually, the doctors prefer to remove the part of the lamina that is present at the back of the vertebrae.

Surgeons or Orthopaedics make use of any of the types of Lumbar Spine Surgery, that can best treat your condition. The main aim of the surgery is to get you complete relief from your back pain so that you can resume with your physical activities.

Is There Any Alternate To Lumbar Spine Surgery?

It is one of the most feasible ways to treat degenerative disc diseases and spinal stenosis. But, surgeons can use a few other surgical procedures to treat the issues in your lower spine. They are:

Motion Preservation Technologies:

Doctor’s take up with fusion in order to restore posterior condition. However, there exists an alternative way to get rid of posterior with the help of motion preservation. It is done by insertion of an interspinous process paper like X-stop or any other device.

Artificial Disc Replacement:

In certain cases, the doctor’s take up with disc replacement. The original disc is replaced with an artificial disc. It is possible to take with this process in spite of Lumbar Spine Surgery but only when it is a degenerative disease.

Multilevel Lumbar Fusion:

Lumbar fusion in case of Lumbar Spine Surgery proceeds to level 1. But in case of severe damage, the surgeons may forward it to the second level. In extreme cases, the doctor may carry forward the fusion to multiple levels. However, it is restricted to level 5.

Vertebral Augmentation:

When the patient undergoes any breakdown in lumbar due to fracture, surgeons take up with Vertebral Augmentation.

As we can see there are a number of possible alternatives, yet Lumbar Spine Surgery is a more popular choice. why? It is because there are several benefits of Lumbar spine surgery.

Benefits Of Lumbar Spine Surgery:

Apart from restoring your function, enhancing your body movements and relieving pain lumbar spine surgery has several other benefits. Some of the pros of opting for Lumbar Spine Surgery for your treatment are:

  • The recovery period for the surgery is very less. You can get back to your normal routine after the surgery at the earliest.
  • The proceedings of the surgery depend on the condition of the patient.
  • To carry out the surgery only a small incision of about 1 inch is used.
  • Surgery does not involve many complications.

Precautions To Be Taken By Patient Before The Surgery:

If you are suggested to take up with the Lumbar Spine Surgery, you must be in good physical health. In case you do not have proper dietary habits and improper routine, the doctor suggests you with the following:

  • Do not consume alcohol:

With severe alcohol addiction, your body may not be fit for the surgery. You must stop the consumption of alcohol at least for a span of 2 to 3 months. Surgeons will ask you not to go for alcohol consumption even after the surgery.

  • Stop with the intake of drugs and smoke:

Smoke is responsible for slowing down the recovery post surgery. If you talk about the drugs it may not allow you to go for medication before or after the surgery. It may lead to severe complications. So you need to stop the intake of drugs and smoke if you expect the successful results from the surgery.

  • Fast before surgery:

Surgeons may ask you to stop eating 12 hours prior to the surgery.

  • Arrange for a companion:

Make sure someone from your friend or family accompanies you to the hospital. You may not be able to get back to your home yourself after the surgery. Also, you need help during your recovery period in the hospital.

These precautions are really important in order to avoid any complications post surgery.

Final Words:

Lumbar Spine Surgery is the best possible treatment to resolve all the issues that associate with your lower back. The surgery is beneficial as it does not have many complications and is highly successful. Also, the cost of treatment or Lumbar Spine Surgery in India is very affordable. So, do not think much and take up with the spinal treatment to sway back to your daily schedule. Stretching the pain and discomfort for a longer duration may lead to more complex conditions. So, the doctors suggest getting the treatment at the earliest rather than avoiding the situation. Cure in all the ways is better than letting your disease create a home in your body.

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