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  • Jan 27, 2020

Ways To Resume a Healthy Life After Lung Transplant Procedure

Recovery After a Lung Transplant Procedure requires attention from the patient and the family. Seeking proper care after the complex surgeries help the patient to recover better and faster. Not only that but the number of years after the lung transplant procedure also depends on the Lung Transplant Recovery.

So, if you want your lung transplant procedure should be successful you shall follow the recovery plan scheduled by the doctor. A complete schedule is planned by the doctor and the caregiver team at the time of discharge of the patient. 

The necessary tips to recovery after the lung transplant are discussed below in brief. 

When and How to Resume Life After Lung Transplant Procedure:

One can resume the normal living after a lung transplant procedure soon when you start feeling healthy and active. Well, you should remember that after it takes several months for recovery after a lung transplant procedure. 

Join the pulmonary rehabilitation program after the transplant procedure to get an early recovery. It will make your lungs strong and you will not suffer any complications for the recovery.

  • Do not lift the heavyweights: 

Avoid lifting anything close to five pounds until recovery. After the treatment, till your recovery, you should only pick the things of your daily use. If you carry anything heavier than that you may end up hurting yourself. The surgery might fail due to additional pressure on your lungs. 

Even if you have recovered completely, after six to eight months you shall not directly jump onto the lifting of the maximum weights. Limit the weights to less than ten pounds. It might be true for the rest of your life to ensure healthy living.

  • Avoid Driving:

Until you recover from your health disorder, make sure that you do not drive alone. Lung transplant is not a small surgery, it is a complicated procedure. Seek help whenever and wherever you can. 

As per the doctors, one should not drive for a minimum duration of six weeks. Even if you are sitting in the car, make sure that you always wear your seatbelt. One should not feel the immediate jerks to remain safe. 

  • Exercise:

Do not keep lying down on a place. It is required to have a healthy schedule after the lung transplant procedure. It is true that you cannot directly begin with the heavyweight exercises in the gym, but you can surely do the light exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

Make brisk walk a part of your daily routine until the recovery. After you recover from a lung transplant procedure, that is after six to eight months; you can get your routine rescheduled by the doctor. However, it is recommended that you maintain a balance between rest and exercise. Do not make your routine rigorous, keep everything as per the suggestion of the medical team.

  • Do not play rough outdoor sports:

Outdoor sports are good for health, but unless you do not have any transplanted organ in the body. If you start playing cricket, football, basketball, soccer, or other such games, it can cause harm to your transplanted lung. So, it is essential that you seek advice from your doctor before you practise any such activity.

It might be possible that the doctor allows you for the play after you recover completely, but immediately after the transplant, it is not recommended.

  • Take Immunosuppressants and Other Drugs on Time:

Immunosuppressants are a must-have part of your life after the lung transplant procedure. You shall not avoid a single medicine for a single time. It might prove to be risky. So, do not seek risk or complications after the treatment, rather follow the schedule. 

The newly transplanted organ is not immediately accepted by the body, so it is essential to suppress the immune system of the body to make the organ accepted in your system. 


These are some of the primary requirements after a lung transplant procedure. If you want to avoid the failure of the treatment you shall follow the above precautions.


Wrapping Up:

Lung Transplant Recovery is not the responsibility of the doctor alone, but the patient has an equivalent responsibility.

If you plan your Lung Transplant Procedure in India you will definitely receive the simulation education by the caregiver team. 

Well, the team of doctors can only educate you, and not make you follow the instructions. The more disciplined is your life after a lung transplant, better are your chances to live a healthy and a fit life. 

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