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  • Nov 14, 2019

What Is The Necessary Care And Recovery After The Brain Tumour Surgery?


The brain is a crucial part of the human body. The surgery on any part of the brain is critical, and so is the Recovery After Brain Surgery. The recovery after a brain tumour surgery or any other brain surgery depends on several factors. It generally varies from one patient to another.

It can be a matter of a few days for some and others it may be several months or even a year.

Factors Affecting the Recovery Time After a Brain Surgery:

  • The location of the tumour in the brain
  • The procedure of treatment followed for the cure
  • The type of brain tumour that is, benign or malignant
  • The overall portion of the brain affected by a brain tumour and its symptoms
  • Part of the brain that was affected during the surgery
  • Age of the patient
  • General health and medical condition of the patient.

Recovery Measures After A Brain Surgery:

Tumour, in certain situations, finds its cure after the surgery. However, it is not true all the time. Some of the patients need to go for chemotherapy or radiation therapy after the treatment. Recovery in such cases is more time-consuming.

 In the initial stages of recovery,

  • A patient is under observation for 48 to 72 hours to analyse the outcome of the surgery
  • Then, if the test results after the operation are positive; the surgeon shifts the patient to the recovery unit. Here, the patient receives assistance from a complete medical team that is a doctor, nurse, general physician, neurologist, physiotherapist and other medical sub-specialist as per the condition of the patient
  • Here the patient is given medicines and other essential drugs on time. If the state of the patient improves after the care in the hospital, then the patient is discharged. Further Care After Brain Surgery is possible at home. However, the family of the patient needs to follow the instructions of the doctor and take the patient for a check-up on time.
  • If the condition of the patient does not improve effectively, then he is shifted to the rehabilitation centre in India. In the rehab centre, the patient receives proper care under several specialists, including: 
  • Physical Therapies:

This therapy is essential to improve the ability of the patient to walk and move freely, as there can be issues in performing all the physical activities and maintaining the balance of the body.

Speech-Language Pathology:

If the side-effect of the brain tumour can be seen in the speech and language of the patient, then this therapy is essential. To fix this disorder, the therapists, first, analyse the condition of the patient and then solve it by providing proper treatments. The patient has to be part of the rehab centre until complete recovery.

Occupational Therapy:

In this therapy of recovery and care, the professional therapists analyse the condition of the patient. This treatment is meant for the improvement of the patients who suffer the problem in performing daily tasks like dressing, using the bathroom, eating etc.

Final Words:

The recovery after brain surgery in India is speedy, as the medical team does not leave the patient after the surgery, but also provide effective follow-up care. Along with that, the Brain Tumour Treatment Cost in India is highly affordable.


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