Anal Cancer Price
  • USD 1,500
No. of Travellers
  • 2
Days in Hospital
  • 1
Days Outside Hospital
  • 15
Total Days in India
  • 16


The anal canal refers to the short tube that is the part of the human excretory system. It is a form of a connecting hose present at the end of the rectum and responsible for the passage of stool. 

Any infection or health disorder in the anal canal can make a significant change in the digestive system of the body and be a cause for pain. 

As it is challenging to handle even a minor illness in the anal canal, anal cancer can be terrifying. It can affect a patient’s mental health, along with the physical well being.

Anal Cancer Cost In India

Anal Cancer treatment cost in India may vary from USD 1,500 to USD 4,000. The factors affecting the price of treatment in India are:

  1. Cost of surgery depending upon the procedure
  2. Stage of cancer
  3. Expenses for follow-up care
  4. Tests and Diagnosis
  5. Choice of hospital and surgeon

Considering the overall costs, the cost of treatment in India is less in comparison to any other developed country across the globe.

Treatment Specifications

What is Anal Cancer?

Anal cancer refers to the abnormal growth of malignant cells in the tissues of the anus. HPV or Human Papillomavirus is primarily responsible for the growth of anal cancer. The anus develops partly from the external skin cells and partly from the large intestine. Cancer in the anus can spread to other organs as well and result in skin tumour in the outer layer of the skin. However, with the developments in the area of medicine, it is now possible to treat anal cancer and regain your routine. Anal cancer is one of the rarest forms of cancer but can adversely affect overall health.

Who is a Candidate for Anal Cancer Treatment?

Any patient showing the following signs and symptoms might be affected by anal cancer and must visit the doctor at the earliest. If the disease is detected in the initial stages, the treatment is natural, and there are higher chances of success without much complications. Bleeding from anus or rectum Pain in and around the anus Unusual discharge from the anus Itching Changes in bowel movements Difficulty in excretion Stomach ache Loss in weight Reduction in diet and Formation of a lump around the anus. The Procedure of Treatment for Anal Cancer: To decide the procedure of treatment for anal cancer, the oncologists first specify specific tests and diagnosis for the patients. It includes: General criteria: To analyse the overall health condition of the patient. DRE: It refers to routine analysis of rectum and anus to detect the lump formation if any. Endoanal Ultrasound: It is an imaging test done using a probe that originates high energy sound and provides a complete internal image of the anus. Biopsy: In this test method, individual cells and tissues are removed from the anus for study under a microscope. Proctoscopy: An instrument called proctoscope, is used for examination of anus. Anoscopy: A short lighted tube is used for the examination of the rectum as well as anus. The above tests and diagnosis, determine the treatment procedure for the patient. Surgical Treatment: The surgical treatment for anal cancer can be done in the following ways: This surgical method is useful when the tumour has not spread to other parts of the body and is restricted to the anus. The oncologists remove the cyst entirely along with some of the healthy cells surrounding the tumour. In this method, an incision is made through the abdomen. It helps to remove the specific part of sigmoid colon, the rectum and the anus. An additional opening is created to allow the passage of stool from the body. In this process, the parts of the colon containing the malignant cells are removed. If cancer has already spread to nearby tissues, the oncologists may remove those tissues along with some of the healthy tissues surrounding the affected ones. After the resection, a stoma is created, and a colostomy bag is added to the stoma. In cases where the surgery is not possible, the oncologists may opt for chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a combination of both to remove anal cancer. Local Resection: Abdominoperineal Resection: Resection with Colostomy: Radiotherapy: In this method, a beam of high intense X-Ray is focussed on the affected area to kill cancerous cells completely. It also helps in restricting the growth of cancer cells. Chemotherapy: It is used before or after the surgery to stop the cancerous cells from multiplying. In this method, the doctor provides drugs to stop the growth of cancerous cells and thus prevents cancer. It may not be helpful in the treatment of advanced stages of cancer. For chemotherapy, the oncologists may inject the drugs in the body of the patient either orally or by pumping it through veins. Radio Sensitisers: It is the latest therapy that helps in the treatment of cancer. The radio sensitisers are the drugs that combine with the tumour cells and make them more active. It is then combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill more and more tumour cells. After the Anal Cancer Treatment: After the patient regains consciousness, the doctor checks all the body parameters to study the general health of the patient. The patient may not be able to eat immediately; an intravenous drip is introduced in the body to deliver the liquid or semi-liquid food. There can be liquid discharge at the point of surgery; a tube is added to drain out the fluid. For the passage of urination, a catheter tube may be added. There might be some pain in the patient after the surgery; it can subside with the help of painkillers prescribed by the doctor. Antibiotics are given to the patient, to heal the wounds if any. Complications After the Anal Cancer Treatment: There are not many complications after the surgery. However, there can be some temporary side-effects: Wounds Infection Bleeding Pain Difficulty in stool discharge and more. If you are looking for cost-effective as well as a successful treatment option, you can plan your medical tourism in India. In India, you can receive complete assistance from one of the best medical tourism companies, Denesa Health. They will guide you in choosing the best oncologist, top hospital, getting your medical visa and solving your other issues throughout your treatment in India. They will also help you in effective follow-up care for a successful recovery after the treatment and avoid complications.

Frequently Asked Question About Anal Cancer

Is anal cancer curable?

Ye, anal cancer has a successful cure. The overall success rate of the treatment is 70 % across the globe.

What is the cost of Anal Cancer treatment in India?

The Anal Cancer treatment in India starts at USD 1,500. It is the minimum possible cost for treatment across the globe. The patient can be sure of the quality of treatment and the results.

What is the rate of survival after anal cancer treatment in India?

Over 90 % of the patients undergoing anal cancer treatment in India live approximately for five to eight years. It can be even higher if the patient does not have any other health complications.

Which is the best doctor for the treatment of Anal Cancer in India?

Dr Durgatosh Pandey from the Artemis Hospital, Gurugram is one of the best oncologists in India. He has a successful record for the treatment of anal cancer with an experience of more than 18 years.

What are the symptoms of Anal Cancer?

Early symptoms of anal cancer include: Anal bleeding Growth of additional mass in the anal canal Unbearable pain in the anus Continuous itching in the anal canal.

Top Hospitals for Anal Cancer

Medanta The Medicity , Gurgaon

Medanta The Medcity situated in the heart of the one of the most modernised and developed city of Gurugram in India. The hospital was inaugurated in the year 2009 by one of the most famous cardiac surgeons Dr Naresh Trehan, who had been practising...

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 2009
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram , Gurgaon

Artemis and Agrim Institute of Neurosciences was developed in the year 2007. It is the first hospital in India accredited with JCI and NABH. Apart from the cutting edge clinical treatments, Artemis is also involved in advanced healthcare research....

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 2007
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram , Gurgaon

Fortis came into existence since 1996 and has been known for its excellence in healthcare early since its inception. It is a multi-speciality hospital that offers its services in India as well as abroad with specialisation in more than 55 medical...

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 1996
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Top Doctors for Anal Cancer

Dr. Vinod Raina, Gurugram, Gurgaon

  • Head of Department of Medical Oncology & Hematology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Received Vishisht Seva Medal by President of India for meritorious and distinguished services rendered in armed forces
  • [Read more]
    • Designation : Director - Medical Oncology
    • Qualifications: MD
    • Speciality: Bone-Marrow Transplant,Breast Cancer,Lung Cancer

  • Hospital :Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram
  • Location :, Gurgaon, Haryana

Dr. Durgatosh Pandey, Gurugram, Gurgaon

  • Specialist Senior Registrar (GI Surgical Oncology): Equivalent to Lecturer at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, 1 June 2004 - 31 Aug 2005.
  • He is Surgical Fellow, Hepatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation, 2006-07 (Singapor...

    [Read more]
    • Designation : Surgical Oncologist
    • Qualifications: MBBS,MCH
    • Speciality: Oncology

  • Hospital :Artemis Hospital, Gurugram
  • Location :, Gurgaon, Haryana

Dr. Hari Goyal, Gurugram, Gurgaon

  • M.B.B.S. Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner 1993.
  • M.D. (Internal Medicine), SMS Medical College, Jaipur 1997.
  • D.M. (Medical Oncology), AIIMS, New Delhi 2003.
  • PDCR (Professional Diploma in Clinical Resear...

    [Read more]
    • Designation : Director - Medical Oncology and Haematology
    • Qualifications: MBBS,MD
    • Speciality: Haematology,Oncology

  • Hospital :Artemis Hospital, Gurugram
  • Location :, Gurgaon, Haryana