Cyber Knife Price
  • USD 7,200
No. of Travellers
  • 2
Days in Hospital
  • 1
Days Outside Hospital
  • 10
Total Days in India
  • 11


Tumour is one of the most dangerous diseases that can strike a human body. It is possible to treat some of the benign tumours quickly, but the treatment of malignant tumours can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. At times, if tumour attacks the portion of the brain where the surgery can be risky, the surgeons may fail to eradicate the tumour. The theory is not only applicable to a brain tumour but is true for almost all the tumours targeting any part of the body.

Even if the surgery is accomplished, the risks are always involved. It is because of long incisions and other factors involved in the intricate tumour treatment. However, the proceedings of tumour treatment are now possible with minimum possible risks and higher success rates.  

Such surgeries that provide a solution for all types of tumours are referred to as CyberKnife Treatment.

Cyber Knife Cost In India

Cost of CyberKnife Treatment in India:

The treatment cost of CyberKnife in India starts at USD 7,200. However, you can observe some variations in your personalised quotes depending upon certain factors. It includes:

  • Choice of the hospital for treatment
  • Fees of the surgeon and the medical team
  • Your personalised choice of stay in hotel and selection of room in the hospital
  • Several days spent in India; before, during and after the surgery
  • Number of attendants accompanying you
  • Tests and diagnosis
  • Medicines and miscellaneous.

Even if you sum up all the expenses, you will get your treatment done in one-fourth the overall cost of the procedure in the US. CyberKnife Treatment cost in the US starts at USD 30,000.

The affordable cost and 100% success rate of the surgery is attracting medical tourists to India from across the globe. Every year there is an increase in the number of patients. Apart from that, a considerable count of specialised hospitals and the availability of experienced doctors make it possible for the patients to get the treatment at the earliest without any delay.

It saves a lot of time, and the risks factors due to disease are minimised. 

Treatment Specifications

What is CyberKnife Treatment?

CyberKnife is a treatment procedure to eradicate both- cancerous and non-cancerous tumours. It is a robotic radiosurgery non-invasive system that makes use of radiation to remove the tumour from any part of the body. The treatment is useful in the treatment of tumours in various parts of the body, including Brain, Lungs, Liver, Spine, Prostate, Pancreas and Kidney. The introduction of this advanced surgical method against tumours led to the generation of new hopes in patients with fatal cancerous tumours. The name of the CyberKnife VSI may indicate that it is a surgical procedure, but there is no cut involved in this type of treatment of tumours throughout the body. It is the first advanced robotic surgery system in the world, designed for the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumours throughout the body that too non-invasively. It is the best alternative for those patients who are looking forward to options other than surgical tumour treatment. This is because the surgery in such patients includes high complexity, and the surgeons declare them inoperable. The reasons can be different for different patients.

Who is a Candidate for CyberKnife Treatment?

CyberKnife is useful for all the patients suffering from the following conditions: Head and neck cancer Lung cancer Prostate cancer Cancerous tumours in the spinal cord Breast cancer Brain cancer Non-cancerous tumour in different parts of the body Cancer in the pancreas Liver cancer For post-surgical eradication of the residual tumour.

Why Opt For CyberKnife Treatment?

CyberKnife Treatment is a choice of all the patients suffering from tumour because of its several benefits. CyberKnife Treatment is Unique because of following features: Pinpoint Accuracy: Treatment of removing tumours is not possible with any of the radiosurgery processesexcept the CyberKnife method. It finds its use, most importantly, when the tumours are moving through the respiratory system. Flexibility: There is a linear accelerator mounted on the top of the robotic arm that allows the surgeons to access the infected areas precisely. The doctors can operate at different angles, depending on the condition of the patient. Less Time Consuming: Various other types of surgeries used for the treatment of tumour requires ten to twelve sittings for the treatment of tumour. But, if you consider CyberKnife procedure, it is possible to get rid of the cyst in five to six sittings. The duration of each session is 50 to 60 minutes. Real-Time Image Guidance: The CyberKnife involves six-dimensional image guidance system. The doctor can adjust the point of radiation instantly in case of any variation in the position of the tumour. Safe and Secure: Most of the patients panic to undergo a surgical procedure as it involves risk. But, the CyberKnife process is an integrated closed loop system; appropriately designed keeping in mind the safety of the system. It is possible to monitor each step of the surgery, and thus, there is no risk. The Procedure for CyberKnife Treatment: To begin with the CyberKnife Treatment, the patient first has to undergo the evaluation process. Preparation for the Surgery: Once the evaluation is complete, a complete medical team, including doctors, nurses, surgeons and oncologist, analyse the condition of the patient. The diagnosis and tests process includes MRI, CT scan, CT/PET and X-Rays. It is essential to determine the location, size and shape of the tumour. As the treatment involves the use of AI, the images are shared digitally with the CyberKnife’s workstation. Here the radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation technicians, surgeons and medical physicists identify the target point or the target tumour. Along with that, they also mark down the areas surrounding the tumour that are to be protected. The entire planning is done as per the safe radiation dose for the patient. It is necessary to limit the dosage and intensity of radiation or else it might damage the surrounding tissues. Now, the surgeon makes use of small fiducials or golden markers to highlight the point of target. During the Treatment: The robot takes over the entire surgical process after the desired positioning of the patient. He then passes the beam of radiation on the target point to eliminate the cysts and stop its further growth. At the same time, the VSI system provides the real-time images and X-Ray of the location to reflect the actual situation of the treatment. It allows the procedure to be done precisely and accurately. Depending on the condition of the patient and the area of infection, the surgeon may repeat the procedure upto five times to entirely eradicate the tumour. After the Treatment: The surgeon may discharge the patient after a few hours of the completion of the entire proceedings. The treatment is so accurate that it does not reflect any side-effects. Thus, the doctors need not keep the patients in observation. However, they determine the medication and follow-up schedule; a patient must follow the instructions precisely for the overall well-being. Risks or Complications After the Surgery: As it is a non-invasive procedure, there are no significant risks or complications post surgery. However, there can be short-term counter effects of the treatment that might include: Fatigue Weakness Nausea Headache Minor pain in the area of infection. Proper rest and timely medications can give relief from these temporary disorders. It is possible for a patient to live a regular professional and personal life within four weeks after the treatment. If you are unable to find the cure for your tumour and suffering considerable inconvenience in your daily life, you can consult the oncologist and plan for CyberKnife Treatment. It is beneficial to undergo the treatment proceedings in India because the top-surgeons and best hospitals in India, combinely provide effective treatment to patients from all over the world at a very reasonable cost. If you are also suffering from tumour infections and the target area is not operable, contact Denesa Health medical tourism company in India. They will share your medical reports with the best surgeons in India and make all the possible arrangements for your CyberKnife treatment. They will assist you by providing the necessary guidance online and fix your appointment for treatment as per your medical condition and your convenience. If you face any problems with the medical visa, they will help you with that too. So, what are you waiting for? Bid good-bye to fatal malignant tumours and live strong second innings of your life. Avail the 100% successful and most importantly, pocket-friendly treatment in India.

Frequently Asked Question About Cyber Knife

Top Hospitals for Cyber Knife

Medanta The Medicity , Gurgaon

Medanta The Medcity situated in the heart of the one of the most modernised and developed city of Gurugram in India. The hospital was inaugurated in the year 2009 by one of the most famous cardiac surgeons Dr Naresh Trehan, who had been practising...

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 2009
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram , Gurgaon

Fortis came into existence since 1996 and has been known for its excellence in healthcare early since its inception. It is a multi-speciality hospital that offers its services in India as well as abroad with specialisation in more than 55 medical...

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 1996
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai , Chennai

    • Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai is a part of world’s best chain of hospitals, IHH that is spread along Asia with its branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and India. The Global Hospital in Chennai closely rela...

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      • Locacton : Chennai , India
      • Established In : 1999
      • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Top Doctors for Cyber Knife

Dr Sandeep Vaishya, Gurugram, Gurgaon

Dr Sandeep Vaishya is notable Neurosurgeon in India with more than 17 years of experience in the field having served with some of the top Hospitals and Institution of India and in current he is a Director, Neuro & Spine Surgery at FMRI, Gurugr...

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  • Designation : Neuro & Spine Surgery
  • Qualifications: MBBS,MS,MCH
  • Speciality: Intracranial Tumor,Deep Brain Stimulation,Spinal

  • Hospital :Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi
  • Location :, Gurgaon, Haryana

Dr. Ashish Kumar Shrivastav, Delhi, Delhi

  • Experienced in a wide spectrum of neurosurgical management with major interests in tumours, skull-base, vascular neurosurgery, complex spinal surgeries, and now increasingly in neuromodulation.
  • Senior Consultant & HOD &ndash...

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    • Designation : Senior Consultant & HOD – Neuro Surgery
    • Qualifications: MBBS,MS,MCH
    • Speciality: Heart Transplant,Lung Transplant,Cardiothoracic Transplant

  • Hospital :Dharamshila Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
  • Location :, Delhi, Delhi

Dr. Nigel P Symss, Chennai, Chennai

Dr. Nigel P Symss provides a comprehensive Neurosurgical and Spinal service at the Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai. He is an Indian trained and educated neurosurgeon with multiple international fellowships & expertise in crani...

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  • Designation : Senior Consultant
  • Qualifications: MBBS
  • Speciality: Deep Brain Stimulation,Brain Tumour,Paediatric Neurosurgery,VP Shunting,Sleep Disorders,Complex Spinal

  • Hospital :Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai
  • Location :, Chennai, Tamil Nadu