Stomach Cancer Price
  • Starts at USD 5,000
No. of Travellers
  • 2
Days in Hospital
  • 5
Days Outside Hospital
  • 15
Total Days in India
  • 20


Cancer refers to the development of unwanted or abnormal cells in a particular organ of the body, disturbing its basic functionality. The same is the condition for stomach cancer.

The development of cancer in the lining of the stomach is known as stomach cancer or gastric cancer.

Stomach Cancer Cost In India

The starting cost of stomach cancer treatment is USD 6,000. However, it can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Age of the patient
  • Stage of the cancer
  • Choice of hospital
  • Selection of the oncologist
  • Cost of medicines and other therapies of cancer treatment
  • Fees of the medical team and
  • Miscellaneous.

Treatment Specifications

What is Stomach Cancer?

Stomach Cancer or Gastric Cancer refers to stomach disease in which malignant cells form in the abdomen lining. This abnormality disturbs the basic functionality of the digestive system and causes inconvenience. Stomach cancer often results in indigestion and pain in the stomach. The cause for the development of stomach cancer can be the age of the patient, improper diet or any other stomach disease. If you suffer any of the inconvenience in your stomach, you must visit the doctor immediately. The doctor may first try to treat the stomach health disorder with the help of medicine if there is no relief in the condition of the patient, then the doctor will suggest opting for surgery.

Who is a Candidate for Stomach Cancer Treatment?

Anyone who is diagnosed with gastric cancer and suffer from following signs and symptoms is an eligible candidate for gastric cancer treatment. Loss of appetite Bloated stomach after eating Nausea Sensation of burning Vomiting Loss of weight Problems with swallowing food Jaundice and Other issues in the digestive system of the body. The Procedure for Treatment of Stomach Cancer: Before starting with the treatment, the doctor performs several tests over a patient, which includes: Blood test Imaging tests Ultrasound Laparoscopy and Others. It is essential to undergo tests before beginning with the procedure because it helps in determining the type of stomach cancer or stage of stomach cancer and then decide on the treatment procedure accordingly. Stages of Stomach Cancer: Stage 0: Cancer cells are present in the innermost layer of the abdomen and do not spread to other segments. It is away from lymph nodes. Stage 1A: When cancer cells start spreading to the submucosa and not the lymph nodes. Stage 1B: If the cancer cells have found a way to one or two lymph nodes along with submucosa. Stage 2A: When cancer penetrates to the deeper level of the abdomen and also affect 6 to 8 lymph nodes. Stage 2B: In this stage, cancer may not spread to multiple levels of the abdomen, but it affects up to 15 lymph nodes. Stage 3A: Cancer spreads too much more profound levels of the abdomen and also starts growing to 15 lymph nodes along with the stomach wall. Stage 3B: In this stage of cancer, the cells spread to 16 lymph nodes and also spreads to other organs of the body. Stage 3C: Cancer penetrates deep into all the layers of the abdomen along with 16 lymph nodes and also to other organs of the body. Stage 4: It is the most critical stage of cancer, wherein it travels to distant organs like the liver, lungs, brain etc. Here it may or may not affect the lymph nodes. Depending on the condition of the patient and the stage of cancer, the doctors may opt for the surgical and nonsurgical way of treatment. It is possible to treat the early stages of cancer through surgery, but for later stages, the oncologists make use of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. During the Stomach Cancer Treatment: The doctor gives a general anaesthesia to the patient. For the surgery, the doctor may make use of open surgery or laparoscopy. The surgery may aim at removing partial stomach or complete gastrectomy. It highly depends on the stage of stomach cancer. In certain stages, the oncologist removes lymph nodes too. The doctor may put a stent if the digestive system of the patient is severely affected, and there is a problem with food intake. The surgeons close the incision after the surgery. For stage 4 cancers, the oncologists may perform gastric bypass or subtotal gastrectomy to control bleeding after the treatment. In case, the patient suffers any blockage; the surgeons usually pass a laser beam to provide considerable relief from the obstruction. After the Stomach Cancer Treatment: It may take 4 to 6 months to recover from stomach cancer. The oncologists may suggest you for chemotherapy after the treatment during your recovery period. The patient may be able to intake food in small portions after the surgery. It may take time to get back to routine. However, regular checkup and medication can help you recover faster and better. Complications of Stomach Cancer Treatment: Some of the common complications after stomach cancer treatment are: Blood clots Internal bleeding Infection Acid reflux Hair loss Diarrhoea Nausea and Vomiting Weight loss and Skin Irritation If you wish to avail the stomach cancer treatment in India, you can receive all the guidance from one of the best medical tourism companies in India, Denesa Health. They will provide you information about top hospitals for treatment of cancer, best oncologists and surgeons practising in India, getting an online personalised quote for your treatment, follow up and much more.

Frequently Asked Question About Stomach Cancer

What is the survival rate after stomach cancer treatment in India?

Most of the patients after undergoing stomach cancer treatment in India live for five to eight years. The life expectancy of the patient depends on the nature of cancerous cells, stage of cancer, the response of the patient to the cancer treatment therapies, age of the patient, and other such factors. If the cancerous cells are completely cured, there are chances that the patient lives a longer life. On the contrary, if due to the site of cancer, the cells are not completely removed; there are chances that the patient survives a little less.

Is It Possible to Find a Cure For Stomach Cancer in India?

Yes, the oncologists in India have the expertise to treat patients suffering from any and every type of cancer. It is not only possible to get a successful cure for the treatment, but you can live a healthy life after the completion of the treatment procedure. After the recovery, you do not have to bother about any restrictions in your day to day life.

Who is the best doctor for the treatment of stomach cancer in India or Delhi NCR?

Dr Ashok Kumar Vaid is one of the best medical professionals in India, providing the necessary healing for stomach cancer. The doctor practices in Medanta- The Medicity, one of the best treatment centres for cancer in Gurugram. He possesses the experience of 21 years in treating different stages of cancer in millions of patients. He has a success rate of 99% throughout his medical career.

Which is the best treatment centre for Stomach Cancer in India?

Medanta- The Medicity, is one of the finest hospitals for stomach cancer treatment in India. The hospital is a home for best surgeons, efficient medical team, and advanced medical equipment.

How much does it cost to avail of stomach cancer treatment in India?

The cost of Stomach Cancer Treatment in India is usually in the range of USD 5,000 to 7,000. So, anyone across the globe who is looking for cost-effective treatment can plan for their medical tourism to the country and enjoy the benefits of the successful treatment.

Top Hospitals for Stomach Cancer

Medanta The Medicity , Gurgaon

Medanta The Medcity situated in the heart of the one of the most modernised and developed city of Gurugram in India. The hospital was inaugurated in the year 2009 by one of the most famous cardiac surgeons Dr Naresh Trehan, who had been practising...

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 2009
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram , Gurgaon

Artemis and Agrim Institute of Neurosciences was developed in the year 2007. It is the first hospital in India accredited with JCI and NABH. Apart from the cutting edge clinical treatments, Artemis is also involved in advanced healthcare research....

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  • Locacton : Gurgaon , India
  • Established In : 2007
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi , Delhi

BLK Hospital is a private-sector stand alone super speciality hospital based out of New Delhi, India. The hospital was established in the year 1959 in India. Although the founder had his own hospital in Lahore, Pakistan before partition since year...

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  • Locacton : Delhi , India
  • Established In : 1959
  • Speciality : Multi Speciality

Top Doctors for Stomach Cancer

Dr. Hari Goyal, Gurugram, Gurgaon

  • M.B.B.S. Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner 1993.
  • M.D. (Internal Medicine), SMS Medical College, Jaipur 1997.
  • D.M. (Medical Oncology), AIIMS, New Delhi 2003.
  • PDCR (Professional Diploma in Clinical Resear...

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    • Designation : Director - Medical Oncology and Haematology
    • Qualifications: MBBS,MD
    • Speciality: Haematology,Oncology

  • Hospital :Artemis Hospital, Gurugram
  • Location :, Gurgaon, Haryana

Dr. Surender K Dabas, New Delhi, Delhi

  • Dr Surender K Dabas is a renowned surgical oncologist, he is presently working as the Director, Surgical Oncology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi. He has over 21 years of experience in Head and Neck...

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    • Designation : Director - Surgical Oncology and Chief of Robotic Surgery
    • Qualifications: MBBS,MS
    • Speciality: Brain Cancer,Cervical Cancer,Stomach Cancer

  • Hospital :BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
  • Location :, Delhi, Delhi