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Estimate Cost of KIDNEY-TRANSPLANT in India

Kidney Transplant Price No. of Travellers Days in Hospital Days Outside Hospital Total Days in India
USD 13000 2 10 30 40


  • The extracellular fluids of the body are managed by the kidney. This part of the body plays a vital role in maintaining the internal environment of the body that includes important functions like excretion of toxins and waste material from the body, maintaining the pH levels in the body, regulating the ion concentration, regulating osmolarity and a lot more. As it is responsible for performing the basic functionalities within our body, any kind of damage or failure in the functionality of kidney is not tolerable. If only one kidney is not functioning properly but the other one is in perfect condition, it can take the workload of both the kidneys. However, if both the kidneys are out of order then it calls for Kidney Transplantation.


India has been the choice of most of the medical tourism patients to carry out the kidney transplant process. People are travelling to India all the way from UK, USA, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Australia, and many more. Apart from the quality of treatment, best medical practitioners and surgeons, facilities, infrastructure the thing that attracts health travellers for kidney transplant in India is the cost. The cost of kidney transplant in India is less in comparison to any other country. If you want to have an estimate cost of the total treatment from the top hospitals of India it is around 13000 $ with a variation of +_ 2%. The variation is dependent on type of kidney transplant, choice of hospital, standard of accommodation, taste of food, no. of people living, city you choose for the treatment, number of companions of the patient and similar other factors. Still the overall cost including the travel, living, visa, treatment and recovery costs much less than the only treatment cost in US or any other developed country.


What is Kidney Transplant?

The surgery that is carried out to replace the unhealthy or damaged kidney from the body with the healthy kidney is referred to as Kidney Transplant. Like any other organ transplantation the damaged kidneys are not removed from the body but they are left in place. The transplanted or healthy kidney is placed in the abdomen.

The healthy kidney is provided by the donor. The kidney donor can either be a living person and not a deceased body to get a Kidney Transplant in India. The donor of the kidney can be only the close relative rather the blood relative of the recipient. There are rare cases in which the kidney donor can be some friend or the spouse only if he or she matches the requirement of the recipient. Though our body has two kidneys but the work of the kidney can be easily carried out by a single kidney. The other kidney can be considered as miscellaneous when one of the kidney is not in proper function. So there must not be any kind of myth in your mind that the body does not function properly, if you donate one kidney.

Overview of Kidney Transplants in India:

Kidney Transplants in India are carried out to treat the patients with end-stage renal failure or chronic renal failure. When both the kidneys fail, it becomes difficult for the kidneys to filter the blood and pass the urine. In such cases the person needs to go with Kidney Transplantation as there is no other choice or treatment for the same. In case the both kidneys fail to perform, there is not even the option of dialysis to keep up the survival, as the person has to undergo regular dialysis process until he takes up with organ transplant which may not be feasible.

Most of the people with permanent kidney failure choose to go for Kidney transplant in India . India has become the preferred choice for kidney transplantation because of the presence of high-class reliable facilities, top doctors, first-rate surgeons and all the customer expected services are available at highly affordable prices. Apart from all this the failure of kidney transplant in India is completely negligible. More than 97 % of kidney transplants in India are successful.

Why Opt for Kidney Transplant?

When the body undergoes the kidney failure, the excretory material gets accumulated in the bloodstream and also it becomes difficult to get rid of excess minerals. The body start to absorb the surplus water which leads to rise in the blood pressure. A Kidney Transplant is suggested in order to put back the body to normality. There are many reasons that can lead to the failure of the kidney it includes diabetes, high blood-pressure, high power drugs and medications, regular exposure to unhealthy lifestyle, inflammation of filtering units, kidney cancer, kidney infections, kidney tumors and also the failure of kidney transplant in the past. No matter what is the cause of kidney failure, irrespective of the cause the solution for the kidney failure is Kidney Transplant or else one may have to face severe health consequences which may even be fatal.

In What Conditions The Patient is Considered Fit For Kidney Transplant?

There are certain health conditions in which the kidney transplant is not feasible at all. Some of them are:

  1. Any kind of Heart, Lung or Liver Disease.
  2. A person suffering from osteomyelitis or certain kind of infection such as TB is not considerable for Kidney Transplant.
  3. A person with the past history of cancer, is also not advised to undergo the kidney transplant.
  4. Addiction to any of the unfit lifestyle or habits that includes smoking, alcohol or drug intakes.
  5. Infection such as Hepatitis.

If the patients are not suffering from any kind of above health issues then he is eligible for Kidney Transplant in India. Kidney Transplant is the option for those who are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease irrespective of the cause of kidney failure. Anyone who has ESRD is an eligible candidate for kidney transplant and the person does not have to undergo the dialysis process for the evaluation. The heart-lung functioning rate must be very adequate in order to have the kidney transplant. Any of the critical diseases that decreases the chances of living reduces the chances of kidney transplantation. However, if the rest of the body apart from kidney is functioning properly, you can undergo the transplantation. The patient who is willing to undertake the kidney transplant, must understand that it is not just a medical procedure but it is a lifelong commitment. The person who is willing to have kidney transplantation has to be on medication for the entire life. Apart from that the patient needs to be in continuous touch with the doctor or the physician to be sure about the well-being. Only the person who is responsible can have a successful kidney transplant without any kind of issue.

You can go for kidney transplant in India, if you fit the above mentioned criteria and live a healthy life once again.

Get Acknowledged to Process of Kidney Transplant in India

Taking up with Kidney transfer is not just a matter of choice but it’s more about the possibility and chances of the treatment that can be carried out on the patient. Any person willing to go for Kidney Transplant in India has to undergo a specific process and that is specified as following.

  1. Preparation:
  2. For any of the treatment the preparation part plays a vital role. A patient who is planning to undertake kidney transplant has to go several tests that includes the complete physical examination of the body, X-Ray of the chest, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Blood test to know whether a person is infected from any kind of viral disease that can be HIV, HSV, Hepatitis or any other. Blood tests are also carried out to know if the count of red blood cells in the body is accurate and the person is not anaemic. Blood test is the most vital test in case of a kidney transplant to know the blood group of the person and also the type of the tissue. It is important to know whether or not a donor is a good match. Apart from all the tests specified above one also undergoes the cardiac tests and the test for cancer. Once the patient pass all kinds of requirement, he is ready for the kidney transplant. All he requires to do is take the medicines for the rest of the life. Any kind of irresponsible behaviour can lead to harmful consequences. The receiver of the kidney has to undergo certain pre-transplant procedures if he or she smokes or there are certain other kind of abuses in the body. One has to meet the treatment team regularly to undergo certain kind of therapies which are required to make the body fit for transplantation.

  3. Treatment:
  4. The kidney transplant is possible only with the help of the donor. If you want to take up with the process of kidney transplant in India then it is mostly practiced taking in consideration the live donor. Kidney transplant by considering deceased or dead donor is not yet supported in India. You have to opt for a donor who is a blood relation or any acquaintances. Once you have an affirmation from the donor he or she has to undergo several tests. This is done in order to check if the body of the donor is fit for donating. The immune power nd body of the donor must be strong enough to withstand the surgical part. Also, his both the kidneys must be working in proper condition. During the intervention of donor you are also put under continuous checks. Once you find a good donor match, the process of Kidney Transplant is possible.

  5. Procedure:
  6. Both the donor and receiver are checked for the last time that they are free from any kind of infection and then the kidney transplant process is initiated. If there is any kind of infection found in the receiver’s body then he or she will have to undergo a pre-surgery dialysis process. Now, as you are fit for kidney transplantation, you are given the anaesthesia by inserting the medicine inside your veins, the kidney is taken from the donors body and is positioned inside your body. The entire process on the donor and the receiver goes parallel in the intensive care unit.

    The new kidney is placed in the lower abdomen by connecting its blood vessels in your body. Once it is positioned correctly it starts to filter your blood and also produce urination. Initially a thin tube called the catheter is connected to the gallbladder to find a way out for the urination. The incision is packed and you are put under surveillance for minimum 72 hours in ICU. However, the entire surgical process of Kidney transplantation in India takes about 3 to 4 hours. During the examination after the surgical process if your body is not producing enough urine you will have to undergo dialysis a few times until your body starts working perfectly with the new kidney.

    Even the donor’s incision is closed parallelly and he is been provided with necessary medications for immediate recovery.

  7. Post-Treatment Follow-Up:
  8. Once everything goes as per the requirement the patient is given certain types of drugs that are in order to suppress the response of the immune system of the body. It is done in order to stop the body of the receiver from rejecting the transplant. If you do not take up with medication on time then there are higher chances of kidney transplant failure. You have to be in continuous contact of the medical team even if everything goes well. A regular checkup is very important in case of a kidney transplant.

    There exists certain risks that follow up the kidney transplantation process which can be heart attack, bleeding, infection, certain side-effects of anaesthesia and a lot more. Every body responds in a different manner. But if the patient and medical team both works in sync without any kind of lagging and irresponsible behaviour you will never face any issue. You can live your life normally after the Kidney transplant.

Top Hospitals in India for Kidney-Transplant:

Most of the multi-speciality hospitals in India take up with kidney transplant process as they have best in class surgeons, medical team and all the facilities. Some of the top considerations of hospitals for kidney transplant in India are:

  1. Artemis Health and Research Institute, Gurugram.
  2. Medanta The Medicity, Gurugram.
  3. FMRI, Gurugram.
  4. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi.
  5. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Most of the cases of Kidney Transplant in India are a success. You can consider India as your choice of kidney transplant for the quality treatment at affordable prices. Not only upto the treatment but there is a lifetime follow-up associated for the patients taking up with kidney transplantation process in India. Special arrangements are been made for health travellers. Everything right from their lodging, cuisine to post treatment consultation is been perfectly managed so that patient can live a carefree life.