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Estimate Cost of KNEE-REPLACEMENT in India

Knee Replacement Price No. of Travellers Days in Hospital Days Outside Hospital Total Days in India
Starting USD 4000 2 5 15 20

Cost of Different Types of Bone-Marrow Transplant

Single Knee Replacement Cost Both Knee Replacement Cost
Ranges between 4000-6000 USD Ranges between 8400-12000 USD


  • The knee is the largest joint of the body that carries the whole load or weight of the body and support walking and other moments of the body. Any sort of issue or acute pain in the knee can be really uncomfortable and affect physical movements in the body. The restrictions offered by this part of the body can often be a hindrance in the daily activities and normal routine. The cause of knee pain can be different and also the level of pain can vary. The pain can either be accumulated at a single point or may be diffused to the entire knee. The cause of the knee pain can be known only after its diagnosis. The diagnosis is not only responsible for letting you know the reason behind the pain but also you will be able to know the solution by proper consultation with your medical professional. You must never ignore the knee pain as its easily curable in initial stages if ignored for a long time can cause damage to another knee too. The problem that arises from a single side can affect both sides later.
  • Some of the cases of knee pain can be treated with the help of physiotherapy while others cannot. If the pain has been chronic and cannot be treated with the help of medication or physiotherapy then it calls for the knee replacement surgery.


The Cost of Knee Replacement in India highly depends on the type of knee replacement to be carried out and also the reason behind it. However, the cost for each and every procedure is way too less in comparison to any other country.

  1. For single knee replacement: The starting cost is about $4500 in the case you get the treatment done as per the US FDA approved implantation. If the patient chooses to undergo the transplantation as per the Indian Implantation process, the cost is reduced to 30%.
  2. For both knee replacements: The cost of implantation in such cases starts with $8400. The cost is inclusive of any kind of diagnosis or tests required to carry out the knee replacement such as X-ray or EMI.
  3. Complex or Revision Knee Replacement: The cost of revision knee replacement is much higher than that of normal knee replacement. It is about 30-40% higher as it requires extra proceedings that are removing, dressing and testing of previous implants. Also, the increase in cost depends on single complex knee replacement or is it been carried out for both the knees.

Still, knee replacement in India is considered by people across the world as the cost is highly reduced in comparison to the US. India is the country to perform the maximum number of operations or knee replacement surgeries after the US. It is possible for India to get the maximum number of operations done every year just because a large number of multi-speciality hospitals are dealing in knee replacement with high success results.


What is a Knee Replacement Surgery?

The surgery in which the original knee of the body is replaced with the help of the artificial knee made of plastic or metal is referred to as the knee replacement surgery. After the replacement of the knee, the artificial knee is connected to the thigh bone, knee cap and shin by making use of the material called acrylic cement to provide proper support to the body.

Arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery is one of the most common bone surgery carried out every year. If we consider the US only then there are more than 600,000 knee replacement surgeries held every year. Knee Replacement Surgeries are been performed by the expert surgeons known as an orthopaedic surgeon. Knee Replacement Surgery is also known as total knee replacement surgery or artificial knee replacement surgery. The surgical procedures and surgeries vary depending upon the severity of the problem in the knee of the patient which is personalized to each one. Depending upon the condition of the patient the surgeon may perform:

  1. ACL surgery or PCL Reconstruction Surgery.
  2. Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair Surgery.
  3. Partial Knee Replacement.
  4. Unilateral Knee Replacement.
  5. Bilateral Knee Replacement etc.

Overview of Knee Replacement in India:

India has excelled when we talk about the orthopaedics, especially the knee replacement. The country has advanced in all the latest technologies used for the knee replacement be it manually or the robotic surgery. Robotic surgery though is not preferred or suitable for all age groups. It is generally carried out on the young sports professionals or people with active lifestyles. Robotic knee replacement surgery consumes really less time, the patients can be discharged from the hospital without much stay, it is painless and has much more benefits. The first Daycare Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India was performed in 2018 within 3 hours and that too with 100% precision. Same applies to the first Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in India which was accomplished within 1 hour, the patient was discharged from the hospital within 72 hours and could get back to the normal routine within 15 days.

The success stories of Knee Replacement in India attracts maximum medical tourists to India from both the developed and developing countries as the cost of Knee Replacement in India is about 40% less in comparison to the countries like the US. India is progressive and updated in all kinds of major surgeries with very high success ratios attracting the patients from all over the world. We in India take pride to save lives and serve humanity.

Why Does the Patient Require to Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery?

Being the most important part of the body, the knee needs to be in perfect working condition else it can prove to be chronic. Some of the medical conditions that cannot be treated without undergoing the Knee Replacement Surgery are detailed as follows:

  1. If the pain has reached the maximum level that the patient cannot perform the daily activities precisely.
  2. If the person has acquired the swelling or inflammation in the knee due to certain kinds of diseases that include Osgood-Schaller Disease, Osteoarthritis, Patellar Tendonitis, Dislocation of Kneecap, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Bursitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and any other disease that causes the improper functioning of the knee.
  3. The problem in the movement of the knee like bending the knee or straightening it. In short, the knee joint does not perform the functioning properly.
  4. The person suffering from any kind of deformation that includes the bowing out or bowing in of the knee. A knee injury that leads to the breakdown of the ligaments technically referred to an anterior cruciate ligament.
  5. Any kind of accident that has caused the knee to undergo fracture. Some other reasons may be the pressure on the knee due to obesity, causing the issue in the joint, age factor etc.
  6. Damaging of the knee joint due to rigorous sports activity.
  7. Pain in the knee due to lack of nutrition.

Apart from all the complications that are specified above any of the conditions of the knee that cannot be treated with exercises, medications, drugs and physiotherapy call out for knee replacement surgery. Knee Replacement Surgery, in short, is a solution for worn out knee joints, wear and tear of knee tissue, problems in the knee cap and a lot more. For making the knee to function properly after any pain or damage it is important to consider Knee Replacement Surgery.

In What Condition the Patient is Considered Not Fit For Undergoing Knee-Transplantation?

Almost everyone who has deceased or damaged knee can be considered for Knee Replacement Surgery except for certain conditions. Some of them are:

  1. A person suffering from high diabetes.
  2. Any kind of infection in major limbs of the body.
  3. The person suffering from the second or third level of obesity is suggested to lose the weight first and then can take up with the surgery after a complete body examination.

If the person is not suffering from any kind of issues mentioned above then he or she can easily undergo Knee Replacement Surgery. Even if you are completely fit a complete body examination is carried out by the orthopaedic surgeon, once the test results are positive you can take up with the treatment.

Depending on the condition of the patient there are different types of knee surgeries that are carried out, Let us check them out.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery:

  1. Total Knee Replacement:
  2. In this type of replacement, the complete damaged knee is replaced with the artificial knee and then is connected to the hip joint, shin and the knee cap.

  3. Partial Knee Replacement:
  4. Partial knee replacement is carried out when the knee is damaged partially. In a partial knee replacement, only one part of the knee or the inner part of the knee is affected by arthritis. It is not only about the inner part of the knee, but it can also be about the outer lateral part. In short, any part of the knee that is not in proper function is replaced and not the entire knee.

  5. Knee Cap Replacement:
  6. In knee cap replacement the underlying surface of the knee cap and trachea is replaced. This type of replacement is taken under process when the patient is suffering from pain due to severe damage of cartilage or arthritis that has isolated the front part of the knee.

  7. Complex or Revision Knee Replacement:
  8. This type of knee replacement surgery is carried out under experienced supervision as it requires effective preoperative planning and precision. These types of quality implants are carried out by surgeons who possess mastery in surgical techniques. The replacement requires the placement of the component very securely within the bone cavity. It is carried out when there is extreme damage to the ligaments or knee joints.

    Apart from the types of knee replacement specified above, knee replacement surgery is divided on the basis of the surgery if carried on a single knee or both the knees.

  9. Unilateral or Single Knee Replacement:
  10. When the invasive surgical process is carried out on a single knee then it is categorised under the unilateral knee replacement. It can be either the total knee replacement or the partial knee replacement.

  11. Bilateral or Both Knee Replacement:
  12. Unlike the unilateral knee replacement if both the knees have been deceased or damaged the knee replacement surgical process is carried out on both the knees. This type of replacement generally calls for total knee replacement.

The Procedure of Knee Replacement Surgery:

The process of Knee Replacement Surgery consists of three main stages to accomplish the surgical treatment. It is basically detailed as:

  1. Pre-Surgical Preparations:
  2. Before beginning with the pre-surgical processes a patient has to understand what all things need to be considered and list it down before initiating the process. The pre-surgical preparations require efforts from both the ends that are the patient’s end as well as the doctor’s end. A patient needs to understand the requirements and activities to be performed personally at his end. Ask as many questions as you can to your doctor, it will help you to sort out the confusions in your mind. Most of the doctors or surgeons suggest the patients to start exercising to get in better shape so that there are no risks involved post-surgery. Building your stamina is very important before the surgical process. If you possess the habit of smoking or have an addiction to alcohol you need to cut it short before undergoing the surgical process. Better physical health better are the chances of success of the surgical process. Also, the patient needs to make arrangements differently at their home so that there is no inconvenience in reaching out to the things after the surgery. Apart from that call for some close acquaintance who could be of help during and after the surgery.

  3. Procedure to be Performed During The Surgery:
  4. The entire surgical procedure is carried out under the effect of general anaesthesia. For the knee replacement, a deep cut of 8 inches or a maximum 12 inches is carried out in the front portion of the knee. It is done so that the damaged part of the knee can be easily removed. The removal of the diseased portion is done with the help of specialised instruments. Then the placement of the artificial knee is carried out for the replacement connecting it with the hip joint, the thigh bone, knee cap and shin of the knee. The entire structure is replaced and connected with the cement so that it remains fixed in a place.

    The new joint that is formed during the knee replacement now completely relies on knee muscles and ligaments of the knee joint to get the essential support for the normal functioning of the knee.

  5. For Single Knee Replacement:
  6. The process takes only four to five hours for the completion of single knee replacement surgery and the patient can avail the discharge within 2 or 3 days. Though the patient is supposed to take bed rest and follow critical care as advised by the surgeon.

  7. For Bilateral or Both Knee Replacement:
  8. The procedure requires extra care and time to accomplish the bilateral knee replacement procedure. The surgical process on both the knees cannot be carried out altogether but it is performed one by one. It can be carried out either consecutively one after another on two consecutive days or it may be done in a gap of a few weeks. The time that is taken to carry out the surgical process on both the legs highly depends on the physical and mental condition of the patient.

  9. Post- Surgical Care:
  10. After the surgery, the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for a few days in order to be sure about the success of the surgical process. The patient is made to walk with the help of parallel bars and checked if any issue is faced because of this newly fitted joint in the body. Proper medications, exercises and physiotherapy are been practised with the patient. It is done so the patient does not face after going home. The patient can get back to a normal routine within 2 or 3 months. He would not require any kind of help or support to walk after the recovery. However, the patient must avoid getting involved with rigorous physical activities like jumping and running for long. Exercises like swimming and cycling are recommended to keep the joint moving without issues and in shape.

Frequently Asked Question About KNEE REPLACEMENT

Top 5 Hospitals Carrying Out Knee Replacement Surgery in India:

India is considered a choice for knee replacement medical tourism because of all the hospitals successfully contributing to it. India has a 0% failure or in other words 100% success rate for Knee Replacement Surgery. However, some of the hospitals are performing outstandingly as far as Knee Replacement Surgery in India is Considered based on the availability of doctors, facilities, technologies and much more. Based on overall functionality Top 5 Hospitals carrying out Knee Replacement Surgery in India are:

  1. Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi.
  2. Lokmanya Group of Hospitals, Pune.
  3. Medanta, The Medicity, Gurugram.
  4. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.
  5. Apollo Hospitals, Gream road, Chennai.

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